Good Reasons To Call Your Insurance Agent

Good Reasons To Call Your Insurance Agent Home and Auto Insurance Update Let’s face it, you buy home and auto insurance to protect you when and or if an accident happens. And when you have an accident, you want your personal insurance to respond.  If it has been a while since you updated your personal [...]

Umbrella Insurance Offers Added Protection

A Personal Insurance Update You have worked hard to build a good life for yourself and your family. You own a home, have two cars and a boat, and you might even have a second home. You have also built a financial future for your family with a 401k plan and other investments. One accident [...]

A New Year… Let’s Get Your Insurance Right

A New Year… Let’s Get Your Insurance Right As we move into a new year, I hope that every insurance agent and insurance buyer thinks about how they view their relationships.  Let us get away from the clever insurance advertisement’s attempts to bring our products and services down to the lowest common denominator, price, and [...]

Are Electric Scooters Covered Under My Insurance Policy?

  A Personal Insurance Update Scooters are popping up all over cities across the country.  They have been popular in Europe for years.  We are at the beginning of this new form of personal transportation, which creates a few questions regarding risk, liability, and insurance coverage. Scooter usage Facts (Forbes) 4 % of riders wear [...]

Important Auto Insurance Terms

An Auto Insurance Review This state requires everyone who owns a vehicle to have personal auto insurance.  Auto insurance comes in many different shapes and sizes. There are many different terms and coverage’s you need to understand if you are going to protect you and your family.  As you consider the many different kinds of [...]

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Are Rideshare Drivers Covered By Their Auto Insurance?

Are Rideshare Drivers Covered By Their Auto Insurance? If you drive your personally owned auto for Uber, Lyft, or even a pizza delivery company, your personal auto insurance will not provide the coverage you need, should you be involved in an accident.  Uber and Lyft are "rideshare" services that compete with taxis and more traditional [...]