Many people are planning a home remodeling project for the spring or summer.  These projects may include a new backyard, kitchen or an addition for the expanding family. Whatever your personal project, you will need to protect yourself from the financial risks and hazards associated with a home remodel project.

If you are thinking or planning on hiring a contractor to help or construction company to help you with your project, keep these tips in mind. Following these guidelines will help reduce your risk and increase your chances for a successful, and hopefully stress-free, project. Always ask for insurance from the contractor or company.

  1. Before you hire a contractor, it is good to ask for references. The Better Business Bureau is an excellent place to start.
  2. Know what you want and have a specific list of products, including the brands. For example, if you want an Air Conditioner, be specific about the type and brand. There are many brands; some good and some not so good.
  3. Always have a written contract with a competition date.
  4. Go visit other homes on which the contractor has worked.
  5. Some contractors may ask for 100% of the payment upfront. Never do this. A small (10% to 15% upfront is normal)

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