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Financial planning typically involves looking at ways to make your assets grow and how they can be used to best care for you and your loved ones over time. Since a long-term health care event can negatively affect your nest egg, most people should at least consider obtaining long-term care insurance as part of their overall financial plan. Most such insurance helps cover the cost of such services as home care, including bathing, dressing, and eating; community day-care programs; visiting nurses; and assisted living services. Like all insurance products, long-term health care insurance is best evaluated by the individual circumstances of each potential buyer.

Long-term health care insurance typically hits the radar of most people when they are in the 40s. Prior to that age, most folks have excellent health and are not planning aggressively for the future. However, by their 40s, many people may begin to face aging parents as well as the stresses of raising their own family. The reality of how long-term care issues affect families becomes more present and, as a consequence, more a part of the family financial planning.

As one moves into their 50s, it becomes time to consider long-term care insurance for yourself and to take about your health care wishes with your spouse and loved ones. Long-term care insurance dovetails well with estate planning and you will want to discuss with professionals the long-term care options available to you should you get sick. By the time you reach your 60s you should have a plan in place. The longer you wait the more expensive the insurance policy becomes and the key is to get a plan before you need it. The piece of mind offered through solid, robust planning can actually reduce stress and, by extension, improve your health.

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The only thing that is certain is the uncertainty of life. Creating and executing a solid financial plan that includes provisions for long-term health care is a solid step in the direction of best caring for yourself and your loved ones.