Are Rideshare Drivers Covered By Their Auto Insurance?

Are Rideshare Drivers Covered By Their Auto Insurance? If you drive your personally owned auto for Uber, Lyft, or even a pizza delivery company, your personal auto insurance will not provide the coverage you need, should you be involved in an accident.  Uber and Lyft are "rideshare" services that compete with taxis and more traditional [...]

Why Is Having a Home Inventory so Important?

If your home and personal property were damaged, would you be able to remember all your belongings?  Consider that you also are in a state of shock due to the loss and/or damage to your home.  It has been our experience that having a home inventory is one of the best ways to help you [...]

Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Your VRBO?

Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Your VRBO? The sharing economy is on the rise in America, with many people using their home for rental property. like homes (with Airbnb or VRBO) More and more people are using services like VRBO and Airbnb to find vacation rentals.  As a result, many people are using their homes [...]

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What Is Important to Consider When Buying Homeowners Insurance

A Home Insurance Update Buying home insurance should be an important part of your financial planning. It is important to consider many different things in order to obtain the best possible combination of coverage, price, and service. Insurance companies use many different factors when reviewing your risk. It is important to understand some of these [...]

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Competitive Contractors Insurance

Competitive Contractors Insurance ­­­­­­Contractors insurance provides insurance and risk services to the construction industry. Insurance can play an important role in; on time and on budget projects.  If your insurance coverage is not written correctly, your business may not survive financially.  Your success depends on proper planning, whether you're estimating a project, hiring good people, [...]

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Five Spring Home Remodeling Insurance Tips

Many people are planning a home remodeling project for the spring or summer.  These projects may include a new backyard, kitchen or an addition for the expanding family. Whatever your personal project, you will need to protect yourself from the financial risks and hazards associated with a home remodel project. If you are thinking or [...]

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