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Purchasing insurance of any kind can be overwhelming, but having a great insurance company makes the process a lot easier! In today’s blog post, we’re sharing a couple of things to consider when deciding which insurance company is right for you. If you decide to take your business to TWFG, contact us today in Pflugerville!

Company Reputation

Before you choose an insurance company, do your research! Learn how long they’ve been in business, what states they serve, what their values are, and what types of products they sell. You should also check out their reviews to see what others say about them. Here at TWFG, we have 28 years of experience, 600 million in premium value, and 76,898+ happy policyholders.


The insurance you buy should cover your needs! If you’re looking for comprehensive coverage but end up with only liability insurance, you’re not getting what you need. Be sure that the insurance company offers the type of coverage you need and that meets your state’s specific auto insurance requirements. 


Price is a big part of insurance! You want the best insurance for your budget, and while the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ holds true for purchasing insurance, your agent should also be able to explain what type of coverage you’re getting for your budget and why. Talk to your agent about your needs and your budget, and they should be able to find you a policy that works for you.

Customer Service/Ease Of Service

You deserve an insurance company that is responsive, friendly, and is easy to do business with. Do you have online bill pay? Claim reporting? 24/7 customer service? How easy is it to get answers to your billing or policy questions? Here at TWFG, we provide the highest level of customer service, and if you think we could improve, please contact us and let us know!

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